• A Movement
  • A Practice
  • A Community.

What is Rise Disco?

Courtney founded Rise Disco out of a desire to shake off stress and anxiety whilst working up the ranks in her corporate job in New York City.

Courtney knew that to succeed, she needed to bring something different to the workplace - so she chose Joy. Every. Single. Day.

Through combining movement, music and stillness, Courtney was able to move through her self-doubt and rise her way up the corporate ladder, becoming the #1 salesperson in a $6B Technology Company in New York City. 

In this consistently elevated state, she moved beyond the construct of what society told her she ‘should do’ and instead followed her inner guidance system - living a life based on love, not fear. And, most importantly, on her terms. 

Courtney knew that if this method worked for her, it must work for others. And it did. 

Participants have shared that Rise Disco has enabled them to gain clarity in their life and be inspired to take action, through moving in the direction of JOY. 





A place for everybody & every body.

We are a community of like-moving individuals. We are a movement unbound by age, race, religion, gender or sexuality. We are bound by the beat, following our feet on a dancing path to freedom.


A celebration of your unique self expression

We play on nature’s dancefloor as we jump from the sand to the ocean. We laugh as we remember what it’s like to be a child again - so wild and free. We move through play, as we find our freedom and our Joy.


A returning back to your true nature

We surround ourselves with the sounds of nature: the waves, the wind, the trees. We immerse ourselves in nature, dancing with our feet on the earth and the sun on our faces. We dance through all the elements as we reclaim our true nature and find balance again.


A FUNctional workout, without the work.

We move our hips to our own rhythm. We stretch our mind beyond what we think is possible. We sweat JOY through every cell of our bodies.

Experience a safe space to express your inner dancer, to move like no one is watching. and to dance the dance that was made for you.