Is your business struggling with:

Getting employees to come into the office

Attracting and retaining good quality employees

Creating a strong office culture

We offer tailored solutions to attract employees back into the office with events, workshops and educational talks. Whether you are looking for a one off event or a tailored solution for employee engagement, Rise Disco has you covered. Give employees a joyful reason to take their trackies off and put their disco flare on!

It’s time to Rise.

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What people are saying.

"This was the most appealing, enjoyable, uninhibited program I have ever done"

Philip Weinman, CEO, Diesel Group

"Courtney and the team were truly incredible. Thank you for making our event so memorable"

Erin, Head of P&C, Revlon

“Such a fantastic start to our conference. I feel wonderful and alive”

Nigel, CFO Whizz Technologies

“It was a fabulous experience that stretched us out of our comfort zone and into new territory. Beautifully facilitated. Thank you.”

David, CEO YPO

We offer a range of solutions to energize your office and create community with events, educational talks and engagement programs

Create a cacophony of joy at your next Corporate event.

We create a judgment-free space for your team to come together and have fun! Our Signature Rise Disco Experience will get everyone feeling high on life through the power of music and play.

Whether you are looking for a lunchtime session, retreat activity, or fun christmas party idea, Rise Disco has you covered. We can Disco at your office, out in nature, or virtually via Zoom. Inquire today to shake things up at your next event.

Courtney’s workshops have taken her around the globe, inspiring a range of audiences from Fortune 500s to Start-ups and Leadership Retreats.

Wired for Positivity: In this workshop, Courtney shares practical tools to rewire ourselves for positivity to create long-lasting success at work and at home.

The Winner’s Mindset: In this interactive keynote, audiences will learn practical skills to become ‘a winner’ through managing their energy, shifting their mindset and taking inspired action daily.

The HeART of Selling: In this keynote, Courtney shares her personal stories of selling products and services across the globe and what it takes to truly sell from the heart – bringing soul to the sale.

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Take the stress off HR and let Rise Disco manage your employee engagement strategy.

We create tailored programs with irresistible events and workshops to attract staff back into the office.

Packages Include:

Themed Events & Styling
Keynote Speakers
Interactive Workshops
Delicious Catering
Wellness Classes including:
Yoga, Pilates, Movement, Dance, Nutrition

*3/6/12 month package options

corporate events

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