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We create an unforgettable experience filled with love, connection and celebration.

Whether it’s a small group, or an arena filled with thousands of people, our experiences create a cacophony of joy. We dare you to have a bad time. 100% Joy back Guarantee. 

The long-term bottom line for a successful business isn’t about profitability, it’s about inspiring and spreading JOY.

If you are tired of the old approaches to corporate team building activities and are ready to shake things up – Rise Disco is the perfect experience for your business. 

We create an alcohol-free and judgment-free space for your team to come together and have fun. Our Signature Rise Disco Experience, including Breathwork, Movement & Meditation, is designed to boost self esteem, team morale and enhance your corporate culture.

We can deliver the Rise Disco Experience at your workplace, at the beach, or virtually via Zoom.

Empower your students to express themselves with confidence with our signature Rise Disco Experience.

Rise Disco incorporates breathwork, dance, motivational movement and meditation to enhance confidence, focus and clarity. 

Using NLP techniques, motivational words, and uplifting music, we enable students to elevate their emotional state, express themselves, and feel more confident with who they are.

Rise Disco has been mapped to the Australian Curriculum, delivering on the following learning outcomes:

● Builds confidence

● Promotes teamwork

● Provides exercise

● Fosters creativity

● Encourages listening skills

We can tailor a specific Rise Disco school event with a solution around your school's requirements. Talk to us today and make your next school event an unforgettable experience.

We can’t wait to share this practice with your students so that we can empower the future leaders of the world to show up confidently, consciously and courageously.

Create an unforgettable experience that will have your friends dancing, laughing and rejoicing at your next celebration

We offer private events for hens Parties, Birthday Parties or Kids Parties.

We cater to all -  JOY doesn't discriminate. It simply unites!

Shake up your culture and Enhance the happiness and wellbeing of your team. 

Encourage students to express themselves and move with confidence. 

Create an unforgettable experience that will have your friends dancing, laughing and rejoicing at your next celebration.

Experience a safe space to express your inner dancer, to move like no one is watching. and to dance the dance that was made for you.