Do you feel the calling
to spread joy to your community?


Create, engage and uplift your community through dance!

If you are passionate about breathwork, movement and meditation and feel inspired to become a leader in your community, we invite you to apply for our upcoming Rise Disco Facilitator Training Program.

In 7 weeks you will be able to spread the Rise Disco Joy to your local community and be part of the Rise Tribe Instructor Network to share music, co-create retreats and more!

NOW is the time to apply.

What people are saying.

"This has transformed my whole entire life. It has helped me to overcome limitations around money, mind, stepping into my power and sharing my voice. If you are looking for something to motivate you, or change your life - Do it!"

Natasha (Sydney)

"It's been totally out of this world.

I met myself in ways that I don't think I have before.

It was a safe journey of self love and self exploration"

Els-Marie (Tazzy)

"It was so much more than I expected! What I have learned about the magic and medicine of dance and the tribe that we have created. It has been the most wonderful training. I have learned so much and I couldn't recommend it more!"

Krit (Newcastle)

"It has challenged me, grounded me, called me on so many levels. It pushed me beyond my limitations to try something new.

The joy, the laughter, the community it has created. It has been simply phenomenal. You get fitter, happier and get to meet a bunch of really awesome people along the way!"

Tatjana (North Sydney)

"It has brought purpose, it's guided me. It's brought friendships and it's bought so much joy to my life"

Bec (Sutherland Shire)

"It has been next level! It's given me a clear structure about how to deliver this powerful practice to my community. The Rise Tribe is a vibe!"

Ash (Melbourne)

why rise?


There is an urgent need for community and connection in the world. Since the pandemic, people have forgotten what it feels like to connect, express and celebrate the gift of life.

Just look at the devastating statistics:

8.6 Australians die every day by suicide

4.7 million Australians are on antidepressants

1 in 3 Australians report feeling lonely every day

Let’s help change this!

Dance is a powerful modality to help change people’s state and access their joy. Doing this, surrounded by community, makes this even more impactful.

It is our mission to empower you to bring joy back to your local community so that together, we Rise.

Our Solution Become A Rise Disco Facilitator

Learn about and connect with the elements of nature to create healing and transformation

Facilitate a curated Rise Disco Experience using breathwork, dance and meditation

Enhance your ability to lead a group effectively with authenticity, vulnerability and positivity

Hold space for people and create a contained environment conducive to breakthrough experiences

Empower your local community to feel connected, uplifted and fulfilled

A Proven Practice

Meditate. Move. Manifest.

Rise Disco was created by Courtney Krulis as a tool to help her rise above her anxiety and racing mind, and tap into her joy. 

In this consistently elevated state, she moved beyond the construct of what society told her she ‘should do’ and instead followed her inner guidance system - living a life based on love, not fear. And, most importantly, on her terms. 

Throughout her wellness journey, Courtney has explored various modalities including NLP, Yoga, Meditation, Movement and Breathwork, and taken her favourite elements to curate a unique experience, one that has produced incredible results in a very short period of time.

Courtney knew that if this method worked for her, it must work for others. And it did. 

Participants have shared that Rise Disco has enabled them to gain clarity in their life and be inspired to take action, through moving in the direction of JOY. 

The Rise Disco Experience (Level 1 Training) combines breath, sound, movement and guided visualizations to support people to create an experience of Joy like no other.

In this Level 1 training you will be taught everything you need to know in order to facilitate the Rise Disco experience. This will be an online training with a weekend integration and practical assessment in the final week.

The Curriculum


You will gain an understanding of the course structure, how to maximize your experience, and the sequencing of the Rise Disco Experience


Learn about the history of dance, and the benefits of dance as a modality for healing and transformation. This module lays the foundation for how dance and music enhances well being - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually


Understand the science behind the elements of life: earth, water, fire and air and how to use these elements to create experiences for healing and transformation.


Explore the Earth Element and learn the structure of facilitating the Rise Disco Experience using the Element of Earth


Explore the Water Element and learn the structure of facilitating the Rise Disco Experience using the Element of Water


Explore the Fire Element and learn the structure of facilitating the Rise Disco Experience using the Element of Fire


Explore the Air Element and learn the structure of facilitating the Rise Disco Experience using the Element of Air

(3 Day Retreat in Byron Bay)

Integrate all of the modules and apply the fundamental principles of how to be a great facilitator.

You will facilitate a live Rise Disco Experience and feel comfortable to take the magic back to your local community

“The need for community and belonging is more important than ever before. Rise Disco creates an opportunity to bring people together to celebrate the magic of life!”