Batchy Beats

Bring the VIBE to your Hen's Party with Batchy Beats  


Want to get your hens party started with an activity that everyone will love?

Batchy Beats is the ultimate party starter and will bring the energy and wow factor to your next hen's celebration. 

We provide dance experiences to get your bachelorette party dancing in unison and on their way to the best night ever!

From walking silent discos to transport you from one location to the next, or home visits to get the party started without the noise complaints from your neighbours - Our hen's party silent disco experiences are highly customisable, so you can make the experience your own and celebrate in a way that truly reflects the bride-to-be's personality. 

Choose from a range of themes to get the party started, and all of the sparkles that one could ask for.

Give your bride-to-be an experience she will remember forever.



“OMG that was the best thing ever” - Sarah, Bride

“That was hands-down the best hens party I have ever been to” - Rachel

“I’ve been to a lot of hens parties, and that was the BEST THING EVER!” - Lucy

“Wow! So so so much fun! The costumes, the dancing, the singing. It was EPIC! - Jessica




  • Guided Silent Disco Tour
  • Headphone Rental 



START WITH SPARKLE: Your dazzling host awaits with headphones (and optional costumes) to get the party started.

READY, SET, DANCE: After a briefing on the adventure ahead, you'll learn some moves to set the mood.

DISCO THROUGH THE STREETS: Immerse in the joy of dancing through the city, engaging with everything and everyone around.

GRAND FINALE: End the experience in a celebration circle, showering the bride with love and presenting her with a memento for her unforgettable hen's party.

Packages to Suit Every Party:


The Home Experience: We come to YOU

We will come to your house to get the party started


Rose Gold

The Roving Experience: Dancing Walking Tour

Save on transportation costs - we will be your dancing walking tour from one destination to the next



Bespoke Package $55 + Extras


🌟 WHY CHOOSE Batchy Beats

  • Unique Experience: Roam the streets with spontaneous play, laughter, and dance. Our ‘flash-mob’ dancing and hilarious street interactions offer a one-of-a-kind party vibe.
  • Customisable Fun: Tailor the hen's party silent disco experience to perfectly match the bride-to-be’s personality. We create themed playlists, costumes, and prizes to suit your hens party vibe.
  • Ultimate Party Starter: Forget the usual. Kick off the celebration with something everyone will adore. No clichés, just pure, unforgettable fun.